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Manages and reduces access risks throughout the company, besides from automatizing and facilitating the access provisioning processes.

Ensures effective controls and continues the conformity. Also automatizes the monitoring and tests of effectiveness of the controls that are SAP ready of your company.

Aligns both business risks and values.

Consistent and efficient, SAP Identity Management ensures that users have their access provisioned at the right time, centralizing their info, of a wide range of SAP and legacy systems, on a single system.

Ensures the protection against potential risks; increases the coherence of the structure, transparency and efficiency on controls related to sap access profiles.

Allows better management and control related to audit processes  assessments and remediation plans.

With a single way of authenticating the login, it focuses your credentials and authenticates you on all the systems you have access.

Audition focused on identifying vulnerabilities of SAP systems and recommending corrections focused on your company’s business model.


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